• Maidenhead Aquatics

    Maidenhead Aquatics is the UK's largest aquatic retailer with branches all over the country. We pride ourselves first and foremost on the quality of advice and service we provide. All our staff are fish keepers themselves, so when we give a recommendation it comes not just from good training, but from personal experience.

    Sharing a passion for fish keeping means we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are successful in their hobby.

    Because we care about the fish we sell, you will not find any of the unsuitable or unethical species often seen in the trade at our stores.  Instead, you will find a huge range of beautiful aquarium fish, and many rare or unusual species perfectly suited to aquarium life.

    Visit our store and alongside our thousands of products and our wide range of livestock, you will find an inspiring collection of nano-tanks, some impressive display aquariums, and helpful, friendly staff.

    One thing that cannot be missed (literally) is our huge display tank measuring over 7 by 10 feet, holding over 5500 litres of water, and weighing over 6 tons!